Outline of the Super Global High School(SGH) Initiative

A. Program

Developing local talent with a global outlook

B. Aim

This program aims to foster leaders, who are capable of solving global issues, through theme-based research done in collaboration with local and overseas universities, international organizations and corporations.

C. Overview

a) Educational Objective

In Mishima-Kita SHS, we believe that every student is a leader. Through this program, students will develop a sound understanding of social issues and a keen interest in international activities. Students will also be equipped with essential life skills, such as communication and problem solving skills, through a problem-based learning approach. With these, our students will be ready and motivated to play an important role in a global society.

b) Research Theme : Water issues

In Mishima, both our daily and industrial activities are dependent on clean and safe spring water from Mt. Fuji. Local water conservation movements have thus been very active here. As water is an important resource, it is also extremely important for people in the world to secure access to safe and clean water. Hence, we believe that water issues is a theme that could bring a global perspective to our students.

c) Learning style

Students will progress their theme-based research through active learning, including group discussions, presentations and overseas fieldwork.

Teachers will develop an authentic theme-based research syllabus and effective methods for assessment and evaluation of student achievement in collaboration with specialists

d) Assessment and Evaluation

Teachers will evaluate student motivation and improvement in their abilities through objective surveys of teachers, students and other participants of the project.

e) Performance Report

The progress and results of students' research will be updated on the school website regularly. The school will also publish a report on the program's performance. An open forum on water issues will also be held for students to showcase their research through presentations and discussions.

f) Curricular measures

We will make use of the integrated study period for this program. New subjects for theme-based research will also be created for this program.

g) Promotion organization

SGH promotion conference

  • Shigeru Matsumoto(Rikkyo University)
  • Junji Hashimoto (Aquasphere)
  • Kazuhisa Ito(Japan Water Forum)
  • Masahiro Fukuhara(igsZ.,Ltd.)
  • Makiko Suzuki
  • Toray Industries, Inc.
  • Kurita water industries Ltd.
  • Mishima-shi, Numazu-shi, Susono-shi, Nagaizumi-cho, Shimizu-cho