The ‘STEM for SDGs’ teacher conference was organized by Mishima-Kita Senior High School in our capacity as the Center School for WWL in collaboration with our FALCon partners on 11 Feb 2020.  The conference was set up with the aim of promoting new pedagogical methods and best practices in view of the changing educational context.


  • Keynote lecture Professor Kumano Yoshisuke, Shizuoka University
  •  Policy, Practice and Research related to Integrated STEM Education  Professor Gillian Roehring, University of Minnesota
  •  STEM Teaching Practices Workshop 1: Facilitated by Okumura Jinichi (Sakuragaoka Senior High School), Saito Hiroyuki and Yamanashi Makoto (Mishima-Kita Senior High School)
  • STEM Teaching Practices Workshop 2: Torimitsu Takahiro , Shizuoka Senior High School
  • STEM Demonstration Lesson  Ogawa Yusuke and Narushima Erina, Mishima-Kita Senior High School
  • Q & A Panel Professor Kumano Yoshisuke, Okumura Jinichi, Torimitsu Takahiro, Saito Hiroyuki and Yamanashi Makoto

stemtechers1  stemteachers2

The conference was well-received by the 36 participants from high schools all over Shizuoka.

Participants' voice

“It was a great opportunity for us to think about STEM education. I felt that as teachers we need to consciously think about how to incorporate STEM practices in our work to meet the needs of education in Japan today. While I am a Japanese language teacher, I think I will be able to apply the teaching approaches introduced in this conference in my lessons.” 

“I have been asking myself why STEM education hasn’t been more widespread in Japan, compared to other countries such as the US, despite our strong emphasis in Math and Science education. Today’s conference has provided new stimuli for me to rediscover my interest in STEM education.”

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