The ‘All Japan High School Forum’ is an annual showcase of research projects by students of Super Global High Schools, WWL center schools and their partner schools. The forum provides a platform for students to interact and exchange opinions, hence deepening their understanding on global issues.


Repeating our achievement in 2019, Shimoide Natsuki (37HR) was presented with the ‘Audience Award’ for her outstanding English poster presentation on her research on using plants to treat wastewater in toilets in evacuation shelters to improve hygiene and sanitation in times of water and energy scarcity.   

“This year, the forum was held online. Having to record my poster presentation on video instead of presenting it face-to-face made it difficult for me to know whether my message was put across well. However, I’m glad that I had the chance to interact with other students through online conferencing, and that gave me an opportunity to explain my ideas better. I’m really happy that I was able to share my research of three years with so many people at this forum.”


Click here to the research poster